Lash Love

 Part of what I hope to accomplish through the blog is giving my readers valuable information about great products that I have found. One of the things that makes me feel the most beautiful is long, lush eyelashes.

 I LOVE the look of false lashes, but they are super expensive ($35 and up) if you have them applied professionally and when you remove them they can damage your eyelashes. 

What if I told you you could have the look of false lashes and then wash them off at night just like regular mascara?

Well you can have it all, ladies!

Today, I discovered Younique Fiberlash.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Left - FiberLash  Right- Normal

The difference is incredible.

I had the opportunity to try  this brand new product today. It's a cutting edge technology in cosmetics where you can temporarily give yourself lash extensions. It takes about 5 minutes to apply and the results are amazing!!!

It is used the same as regular mascara, and you can build up your length as much as you want in order to get the movie star look at home! I recommend curling your lashes beforehand with an eyelash curler for optimal results.

Meet Diana Quijano. She is the lady who realized my dream of having celebrity lashes! She showed me exactly how to apply the product to get the best effect! Diana lives in Raleigh and is a vendor of Younique products. She would be happy to help you get great lashes like mine!

She is one of the nicest ladies I've ever met, and she loves helping other women to feel beautiful!

She has loved cosmetics her entire adult life, and is currently studying to become a professional makeup artist.

We had so much fun today playing with makeup!

Diana uses Fiberlash every day! If you want to get fiberlash for yourself, you can order it here. At $29.00, they are extremely affordable and definitely worth a try! While you are there, check out the other great products offered by Younique. I hope to review some of them in another post.

Give Fiberlash a try! I am glad that I did! What do you have to lose?

If you need help learning how to apply them, Diana is happy to show you. Or you can check out tutorial videos on youtube and the Younique website!

Once again, if you would like to get Fiberlashes, here is the link:

XOXO! -Dana



    But at $29 that's comparable to higher end (like not drug store) products. I can dig it. Any word on how they hold up with sweat?

    1. So when compared to drug store mascara they are pricey. But when compared to the cost of having false lashes applied they are really cheap! I can attest that they hold up to sweat. They wear just like a regular mascara! One day I can let you try them out if you want!

  2. I've heard so much about this product. How is it with clumping?

    1. There is not problem with clumping. The only problem I have experienced is the fibers getting in my eye. This can be prevented by making sure to thoroughly wet your lashes with the gel before applying the fibers.

  3. I agree, long lashes make me feel so confident and "pretty." What a cool product,


  4. It's impressive that you can see the noticable difference with every layer you apply. It seems like this is a great product.


  5. Your eyes look stunning! I would like to try myself, not sure though if they retail in India??

  6. I've seen a ton of photos/posts about this mascara! It's crazy what a difference it makes!!