Grunge Glam

One of the things I like to do on my blog is give people something they aren't expecting or don't see often. That's why today, instead of my normal high heels, I decided to wear combat boots with my dress. I grew up during the grunge era, so in a way it's close to my heart. 

These shoes were $9.99 at Charlotte Russe. It was such a good deal (from $42.50) that I still am not convinced it wasn't a mistake.

I had kind of been avoiding the combat boot trend, but  I decided to get these and see if I could make a look that had elements of grunge but was still girly. 

I couldn't resist doing some typical 90's poses! Ha!

The lady-like pose just isn't the same with combat boots!

I do have to say that they are much more comfortable than high heels!

Sometimes contrasting trends put together turn out so cool!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone has a great week!

XOXO! - Dana

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