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How Being a Lawyer Affects Your Personal Relationships

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Law school truly separated my life. There's who I was before, and who I am now. When people say it changes the way you think, they aren't lying. It changes you right to your core. However, what isn't often said is how said new way of thinking is going to impact your personal life. We know that the professional training we get at law school prepares us to advocate for our clients. But what does it mean for our family, friends, and significant others? Since becoming an attorney, I've definitely noticed a difference in the way I interact with and am treated by people outside work. If you're in law school, or planning to go to law school, here are some ways you can expect it to affect your personal relationships.

Anxiety: Insight into a Troubled Mind

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Those who know me well know I've struggled fiercely with anxiety since I was a child. It runs in my family. I don't know why some people have a tendency toward anxiety while others don't. I don't know whether it's programmed into a person's very DNA, present from the moment of conception, or developed during childhood, the product of some sort of environmental influence. While I think it can be managed, I don't think it can ever be cured. I've often thought that maybe it began as an evolutionary advantage. Surely being anxious made one more aware of their surroundings, or perhaps it made for hyper-vigilant food gathering. However, that which ensures survival does not necessarily translate to a happy life.

Black & White

Dress: Nordstrom Shoes: Jessica Simpson Coat: J. Crew Watch: Michele Sunglasses: Ray Ban Attache: Coach Handbag: Emma Fox (sold out)  Bracelet: David Yurman

Fall is definitely my favorite season for fashion. If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I basically wear these shoes every single day! I can't recommend them enough, and considering the 4" heel height, they are pretty comfortable! Now that I'm an attorney, I decided to get a "briefcase" to carry my files in. I picked this one up at the Coach store a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It's so professional, yet feminine at the same time. One of the hardest things about working in the legal profession (okay, maybe not one of the hardest, but still!)  is the conservative and uptight dress code. I HATE wearing suits! If I have to go to court, it's inevitable, but for days when I'm in the office, I try to compromise fashion-wise. This outfit is professional, yet fashion-forward. It's also great for transitioning from chilly mornings to warm afternoons. What do you think? Do I look like I mean business? :-P