Halloween Haute

This Halloween, I went goth-glam!

I don't really "dress up" for Halloween anymore, but I do enjoy being a little festive. 

Halloween is a once-a-year free pass to push the limits on fashion! How could I resist that?

I've been inspired recently by the 19th Century English Gothic era. As everyone knows, I LOVE statement necklaces! My entire outfit is centered around this necklace, from Betsey Johnson's Dark Forest Collection. It is a retired collection, but if you search for it on eBay, you should be able to find plenty of pieces for sale at a reasonable price.

My other "fun" piece was these stockings! They were about $3.00 on eBay. Let me just say that their quality is reflective of their price! If you try these, make sure you only need to wear them one time!

I know I will basically complain about the weather no matter what, but it was FREEZING outside this morning! I could barely relax enough to get any decent shots, so the whole operation had to move inside. I don't know how professional models deal with swim suit photo shoots in the cold. I am a total wimp.
I used to think Gothic fashion was just for angsty teenagers, but now I think it can be so glamorous when done right!

Also, everyone who knows me knows I am TERRIFIED of spiders. Like, it is full-fledged arachnophobia. So this necklace is an example of me facing my fear.

I wanted to wear "witchy" looking boots too. I found these at the back of my closet. Sometimes looking for something specific in your closet for a special occasion reminds you that you have some great pieces you forgot you had and should be wearing more!

These stockings must be forever memorialized in these pictures, because at the end of the day, they are going to the place where hosiery goes to die.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

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