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***Disclaimer: Businesses that relate (at least tangentially) to the fashion, beauty, and/or health/fitness industry tend to see the best return on investment from advertising through my blog***

Advertisement Buttons

Advertisements will be approximately 300 x 300 pixels and will be featured on my side bar. If you want, the image will be linked to your website. The cost is $10/month. I am offering bundle deals for 3 and 6 month packages. My blog currently receives about 6,000 views per month, and that number is steadily increasing. I have repeat viewers from the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. I post a minimum of three times weekly and always promote my posts via social media when they are published, thereby driving steady, regular traffic to my blog.  Everyone who visits my blog will see your advertisement on every page in the sidebar area. Rest assured that your business will be seen and often.You may design your own button if you wish, or I can design one for you. If you would like me to design your button, there is a one-time $10.00 design fee. Please contact me after checkout to coordinate specifics.

                                                          Sidebar Advertisement Package

Custom Button Design $10.00

Sponsored Posts

You may decide that you would like me to devote an entire post to your brand, store, salon, product, etc. The sponsored post will remain part of my blog forever and you can access it whenever you want.You may also link to it from your own website. I will also promote it on all of my social media pages when it airs. You may wish to do the same through your own social media outlets.  Due to the the time-consuming nature of writing posts, the starting price is $35.00. This includes a write-up of approximately 1000 words and 10-15 images of your choosing. If you want something more complex, (photography, length, multiple posts, etc.) please contact me for special pricing.  When you check out, immediately email me at with a basic description of what you want to see on the post and I will promptly respond and start working. Typical turnaround time is one week. After that, I can schedule the publication for the date and time of your choosing.

Sponsored Post- $35.00

Product Reviews

If you would like for me to wear an article of clothing or jewelry in an outfit post or review a beauty/hair product on the blog, please contact me. Typically, a product review post will run the same amount as a sponsored post but I am open to negotiate trading products/clothes for posts. Please note that I will always disclose to my readers via my post if I am being compensated for a review and all opinions and thoughts will be my own.
Email me for details:


If you would like for me to host a giveaway from your business on my blog, please contact me. Typically, I do not charge for product giveaways as the value to me of hosting them is significant due to the new viewers they tend to attract. Giveaways will be hosted through Rafflecopter, which provides many customization/entry options. Email me for details at


Fellow Bloggers FREE BUTTON SWAP

As a new blogger, I whole-heartedly understand the struggle to expand your readership. I got a great idea from another blogger that I would like to implement on my own blog. I am offering a free button swap with no expiration. As long as you keep my button on your blog, I will keep yours on mine!

Step 1: Copy the following code into a gadget box on your blog's side bar:

<div align="center"><a href=" " title="Stone Style"><img src="" alt="Stone Style" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Once you have done this, email me with your blog's URL and let me know. Also, email me the code for your button. Once I have verified that my button is on your blog, I will add yours to mine and then email you once it has been done to confirm. If you need help building a button, I highly recommend this site:

Also, I ask that you please follow me on bloglovin!

Guest Posting/ Linkup

If you would like to collaborate with me through a guest post or a link-up, email me at I am always open to a joint post. It's a great way to expand your readership as well as great way to connect with other bloggers!

If you have an idea for something you haven't seen advertised, I am always open to suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at

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