For most of my life, I was afraid to admit that my true passion is style because I grew up in a post-feminist society that gave me the mentality that I needed to value something "more profound" than clothes.

Society couldn't have been more wrong. Personal style is one of the most profound and individual aspects of a person. And it all began millions of years ago, perhaps when an early homo sapiens decided that he wanted to "wear" something he found while foraging in the forest. 

Fashion was born.

From there on, people saw a way to define and distinguish themselves through the things with which they chose to adorn their bodies,  providing countless clues about all aspects of who they were, where  they were from, where they were going, and what they valued.

Sadly, in today's society, globalization and advanced technology have distanced us as people as much as they have connected us. Meaningful face-to-face conversation has become all but a lost art.

Nonetheless, fashion has endured and thrived through every era of civilization. It is a living, breathing art that constantly changes, forever permanent in its impermanence.  

The simple act of  a woman draping a piece of cloth over her body has the power not only to change the way others see her, but how she sees herself.

Our style distinguishes us as humans and connects us to one another in a world that continues to grow apart. What could be more profound than that?

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