Designer Style Capture: Jack Rogers Lookalike Sandals

In the last designer style capture, I shared the Tory Burch lookalike sandals I found at Shoe Show. Read about those here. This time, I found something that I'm possibly even more excited about. I found a Jack Rogers sandal lookalike! Everyone is familiar with the timeless, go-with-everything, wardrobe-staple that is a pair of Jack Rogers sandals. ESPECIALLY in the new colors for this year! Only problem? They're well over $100 a pop.

Jack Rogers 

So the other day, I was on the Francesca's website, and I discovered the Tamara sandal. I'll give you a minute to absorb. 

Find them here in three awesome colors. Best part? They cost $38.00. 

Also, there were these, which I had to physically restrain myself from buying for $20.00

Shandra Pineapple Sneaker - $20.00

You're welcome, internet. Happy shopping. 

Thanks for Reading!

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