Deep South Wedding: Bridesmaid Luncheon & Rehearsal Dinner

As many of you already know, I traveled to Natchitoches, Louisiana last weekend to attend and be an attendant in my cousin Kimberly's wedding. Since there were so many events, I'm breaking it down into multiple posts. The first day was a dedicated travel day. Since RDU doesn't offer and direct flights to Alexandria, Louisiana, we had to go through Atlanta. 

I was a lot more excited to be flying that Dad. 

We took up an entire row on the plane.
 We finally made it to the Church Street Inn in Natchitoches around 4:00 PM.

The view from our hotel.
 We were all pretty worn out, so we grabbed dinner at Mama's, a local joint around the corner from our hotel. 

The first main event, which was the bridesmaid's luncheon took place the next day. The venue was Hana's, a local Japanese restaurant. 

The bridesmaids posed for a quick shot with the bride.

These are all of the Stone women in attendance. (Or Stone descendants)

Me and my aunt Lori twinned it up.

I found out one of my cousin's college friends, Hanna, (pictured with me here) had just graduated from law school at Harvard. I insisted on a picture with her, since this is the closest I'll ever get to Harvard Law! :-P 

On Friday evening, we attended the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at The Landing Restaurant. I unfortunately didn't get a lot of pictures there, but the food and atmosphere were great. 

We actually got a family picture dressed up, which is pretty rare for us.

Stay tuned for wedding day coverage!

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