Designer Style Capture: Tory Burch Style Sandals for under $20

As many of you know, I'm right in the thick of exams right now, so I'm having a hard time devoting as much attention as usual to the blog. However, I stumbled upon an amazing discovery and felt compelled to share it on the blogosphere. Probably, most everyone has seen these sandals. Wildly popular, the Tory Burch flat thong sandals come in many colors and retail for $195.00. I will be totally honest...I absolutely love them, and wish I could have them in every color for the summer. However, even as impulsive as I am about shopping, I can't justify dropping two hundred bucks for a pair of flip-flops, regardless of how cute they are.

While I've always been obsessed with achieving particular "on-trend" looks, I've never been one to care that much about whether something is "name-brand." As long as it achieves the overall look I'm going for, anything goes. Therefore, while browsing the other day, I discovered this little treasure at none other than Payless Shoes. 

I mean, can you get any closer to the real thing without being a sketchy knock-off from China? I don't think so. And at $19.99, I will be getting multiple colors!

Look, they even come in pink.

And Cork. 

And Carolina blue!

Now that everyone has been officially informed, don't go buying them all away from me!

Thanks for Reading!

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