Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Every year I spend Memorial weekend at my dad's house in Beaufort, NC. The older I get, the more I love Beaufort and the more I appreciate having such a great vacation spot. I had a great weekend. I got to spend some quality time with my family that I don't get to see often enough and I got some much needed  R & R. 

Every year the traffic on the way to the beach on Memorial weekend is terrible, but somehow I'm still always surprised and enraged by it. This picture was taken on the bridge to New Bern, NC. And the car was completely stopped for over five minutes, so don't worry! I wasn't taking photographs while driving! It took me over four hours to get to Beaufort, a trip that really should have taken just under three.

Rambo, Ruger, and Gypsy can hear a plastic bag crinkle from 100 yards away. I opened a bag of Cheetos when I arrived and they watched me like this the entire time. 

We ordered pizza from No Name, then relaxed on the couch. Everyone was pretty tired.

We had beautiful weather all weekend, and I got a lot of sun!

My Aunt Lori invented this amazing drink that is going to be the drink of the summer. Best part? The only calories are the alcohol. No carbs! You have to try it. I am posting the recipe later this week. 

My little cousin Becca is a total diva and LOVES posing for the camera!

One of my favorite parts of visiting my dad and step mom is the food! I don't get food like this often, so I really take advantage when I can. Dinner was baby back ribs, chicken wings, red hots, potatoes, and asparagus grown in their garden. It was delicious!

My aunt Lori, Becca, love to shop in the boutiques on Front Street. Being a very old town, Beaufort has tons of  beautiful historic houses. On the way there, we saw this house, and I had to take a picture. It totally looks frozen in time. Other people were taking pictures in front of it too!

While we were shopping, the guys went offshore fishing, and what a haul!!!! My dad estimated over 60 pounds of filleted fish! All for free! Personally, I"m not big on seafood, but I do love to fish. Hopefully I can go offshore at least once this summer with them. Few moments compare to that thrill you get when you land a giant fish!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Thanks for Reading!

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