Friday Jam - Top 10 Under-rated 80's Songs

Since at some point this blog apparently became a variety show, I decided to try something new. It sounded fun to me, and if it's popular, I'll continue to do it. I'm going to start posting "playlists" on Fridays of some of my favorite songs, with the goal that they will be a welcome relief from the current top 40. If someone reads my post and says "Oh my God! I haven't heard this song in forever!" or "I forgot all about what a great song that was!" then I've done my job.

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I consider myself an old soul, and 80's music is one of my absolute favorite genres, even though I was only alive for about half of that decade. However, my love of 80's music transcends Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, and A-ha. My favorite 80's music is mostly made up of songs that you don't typically hear played much on 80's radio stations or at 80's themed parties. Some of them are lesser known songs by popular artists, some are fairly obscure songs that were considered "underground" at the time, depending on where you lived. Others were insanely popular when they were released, but have since all but disappeared from the radio. 

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In no particular order, here are my top 10 Most Under-rater 80's songs:

1. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jame - Head to Toe

I have no idea why this never gets played on the radio anymore. It's obviously one of the best songs ever made.

2. Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody

I can't listen to this song without dancing.

3. Hall & Oates - Adult Education

Although this is arguably one of the most popular 80's bands, this video has just over 12,000 views. It's a shame, because it's my favorite Hall & Oates song. 

4. Exposé - The Point of No Return

I barely ever hear Exposé played on the radio, and that's a shame.

5. Milli Vanilli - Don't Forget My Number

Despite being one of the biggest music scandals of the 80's, I still love them. Even though they are wearing football pants with a suit. 

6. Information Society - Walking Away

The more popular song by Information Society, "Tell Me What's on Your Mind" often overshadows this other equally great song on the album.

7. New Order - True Faith

Even in the 80's, New Order was mostly heard only in clubs. What I wouldn't give for a time machine to go back to the 80's as an adult and experience the 80's club scene....

8. Stevie B - Dreamin' of Love

A lot of people who lived through the 80's have never even heard of Stevie B at all, but this song is obscure even for some of the people who like him. 

9. Menudo - Hold Me

What is the deal with young boys singing to older women in the 80's? Also, the cutie in the pink polo shirt is Ricky Martin, who seems to be singing the wrong words. Also, those cropped tee shirts. 

10. Bobby Brown - [Tender]Roni

So, everyone knows "My Prerogative." Sadly, some people only know it because of the awful remake Britney Spears did of it, but my favorite Bobby Brown song is Roni, even though it reminds me of this commercial

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