Indian Summer

What is up with this weather? It's really hard to know what to wear when the temperature fluctuates 35 degrees throughout the course of the day!

Today I decided to share my attempt at being current with the season but also comfortable with the weather!

My answer? Scarves and t-shirts. Scarves will keep your look "fall-ish" and you won't be too hot in the t-shirt when the temperature reaches 80 degrees later in the day. 

Remember the boot skirt from this post? Well here it is in gray. I think it's a nice crisp look with the white t-shirt and dark gray scarf. With the temperature being in the 40's in the morning, I think it's too cold for a short skirt without tights. But 80 degrees in the afternoon is too hot for a short skirt with tights. Long skirt without tights = warm enough in the morning and cool enough in the afternoon.

It's also too cold for sandals in the morning, but too hot for boots in the afternoon. Closed-toe leather pumps were a compromise for today, though they are still a little too hot for 80 degrees!

Not too bad overall! I am ready for some cooler weather though so I can start breaking out the sweaters, boots, leggings, tights, and coats! How about everyone else?

Skirt: Dress Barn
Top: Kohl's
Shoes: Nine West
Scarf: J. Jill

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