Guest Feature: Tara Romano

For my second guest feature, I chose someone I admire not only for her amazing style, but for her unending selflessness and commitment to others. Without further ado, I present Tara Romano.

"I have always considered that clothing choices can be a reflection of one's personality. That absolutely does not mean I think you can only express your style via the hippest, most expensive fashions; nor do I believe everyone has to spend time putting together stylish outfits."
"Even if your go-to outfit is picking up the cleanest pair of jeans and t-shirt you have available, it still expresses your "not really into style" style. And that's okay, too. But for some of us who feel a little stifled creatively in our day-to-day lives (for example, because we work in a typical office), or who are a little more reserved in our actual personality, the pieces we choose to wear can be an easy way to share with others some insight into who we are- traditional, artistic, sporting, eclectic, serious, fun-loving, etc."

"I consider my day-to-day style at the happy medium between casual and dressy. I most always wear skirts - even if they are denim skirts - and during cold weather, that means boots are my go to footwear.   This simple black skirt is one I've had forever; and while I have a few pairs of boots, these are my favorite. I love the heel, and the buckle detail."

"T-shirts, of course, can be an easy way to advertise your tastes, usually in sports, music, or places. And they are also a great way to advocate for your favorite cause. This equality T-shirt came from Equality NC, and it's one of my favorites - great, bright color, super soft, and nice v-neck shape. And while this is specifically referring to LGBT-equality, I think it also expresses my belief for equality for all in North Carolina."

"While winter is not my favorite season, I love a good stylish jacket. This coat is actually a vintage 70's sweater dress (note the beaded buttons), but I figured I would get more use out of it as a jacket. I, very fortunately, came across it while browsing at Adore in Raleigh, a well-stocked consignment shop that has a lot of high-fashion items at off-the-rack prices."

"Accessories can add much to an outfit. My ring and scarf came from browsing at another Raleigh consignment shop, Revolver."

"The scarf I literally picked up on my way out, and it was a great buy - I get a lot of compliments on it."

"These earrings are by a local jewelry designer, Zass Design. Sustainable, fun styles are the designer's stock in trade; these earrings are made from tiles."

"The bag is from Dechen Collections in Raleigh, a shop run by a Tibetan couple and featuring clothing, jewelry, home wares, and accessories from Nepal."

"While I don't wear as many buttons as when I was a music-obsessed fangirl, I still do think a well-placed button can share more info about you with the world. The Beatles button came from Offbeat Music in Durham, and the NC Women United came from my organization.  Both are conversation starters."

Don't you love Tara's style? To me, it reflects her individuality, down-to-earth nature, and her never-ending dedication to advocating for human rights. Though Tara is modest, she has given a tremendous amount of her time in service to others. In her youth, she spent years volunteering in Africa as a member of the Peace Corps. Currently, she works in the public health sector and is a devout activist for women's rights, devoting much of her free-time to non-profit organizations. I don't think I am alone when I say that the world would be a better place if there were more people like Tara in it.

Thanks for being a part of Stone Style!