Mother's Day 2015

Our yearly family tradition is to spend Mother's Day at my Granny's house in Sims, NC.

My Granny's yard looks so pretty this time of year, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos when  we arrived. 

My granny had the table decorated beautifully, and my Aunt Teresa brought over some beautiful pink roses for a centerpiece. 

When we arrived, me and my mom posed for the obligatory mother/daughter pictures.

Strawberry season is in full swing here. Succulent strawberries dipped in powdered sugar is one of my family's all-time favorite spring appetizers!

Meanwhile my Granny and my Aunt Teresa made sure lunch was perfect.

As soon as the blessing was said, there was a mad dash to load our plates with delicious, home-cooked southern food!

Dessert was TO DIE FOR. My Aunt Teresa made a special trip to Raleigh to pick up a lemon creme cake from Olive Garden. If you haven't ever had it, you MUST order it next time you go! It's not super lemony tasting, and it is absolutely decadent! I shamelessly doubled up on the desserts today!

We have a lot of May birthdays in my family, so my Grandaddy opened his birthday gifts after lunch. He turns 80 on May 19.

My Granny was super-excited about her gift - a jump box! 

In my family, we treat Mother's Day more like "Women's Day." It doesn't matter whether you are a mother or not. Gifts all around! My little cousin gave my mom this beautiful orange flower.

My mom used these smiley face stickers to decorate some of the gifts, and I kept pulling them off of my clothes! LOL.

Consdering I'm not even a mother, I made out like a bandit! Lots of cool gifts!

(Teaching them about Alex and Ani bracelets.)

After all the gifts had been opened, I spent some quality time with my little cousins! Since I grew up with their parents, they are really more like nieces to me than cousins. All girls and definitely into fashion and jewelry just like me! There are actually four girls, but the littlest one (who is not quite 2 yet) wouldn't sit still long enough for a group shot! They are the sweetest little girls!

I hope all the mothers out there felt as loved and happy as I did this Mother's Day! 

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