Black and White (Again!)

So, I've realized that maybe I need to wear some color next time. The last four outfit posts have been black and white outfits! What can I say? It's classic. The last two weekends have been too rainy to do any outfit pictures, and between work and studying for finals, I had no other time to get it done. 

I picked up this jacket at Dress Barn. I saw a classmate wearing a similar striped jacket earlier in the season, and ever since I have been looking for one! They are so versatile. I can just picture wearing it with jeans and a white t-shirt for a casual Friday look, and I can also see wearing it over a dress to the office. Best part? It was under $40.00 with my 15% off coupon. I can't find it on their website yet. Definitely check it out if you have a Dress Barn near you. This tank top also came from dress barn and I LOVE it! It's so comfortable, and I know I will wear it all the time this summer. These, I have three pairs. $22.97 from Nordstrom Rack is really hard to beat, when they are so IN this year. 

So the other thing you probably noticed about this post is my LONG hair! This was my first time shooting while wearing my Loxxe 12-inch extensions. I had been waiting for my hair to get long enough to be able to blend them in with my hair, and I am finally there! I love them! I can't wait for my actual hair to be this long! 

I hope everyone has a great week and if you're local, enjoy the beautiful weather we are long overdue for!

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