Valentine's Day Sophisticate

I usually don't do much for Valentine's Day, but as a fashion blogger, I feel it's my duty to provide inspiration for a potential V-day outfit. I originally bought this sequin top to wear to a holiday party last year, and I was happy to be able to use it again for a Valentine's look. In my opinion, when you wear sequins, the rest of your look must be understated and elegant in order to avoid looking cheap. I feel like the black blazer and pencil skirt balance out the look perfectly.

Confession: I have extremely fine hair, so whenever it put it into a bun, it looks about the size of a chicken nugget. I used this up-do bun hairpiece for this look, and I think it definitely made my hair look more appropriate for a night out. It literally took about 30 seconds to do, and the hair piece looks flawless every time. I know I'm not the only one with fine hair, so if you struggle with it as well, just know that you can still wear up-dos! We just need  a little help! And I guarantee that if I hadn't said anything, you wouldn't have known I was wearing a hair piece! The trick is to make sure the color match is spot on with your hair.

No Valentine's look is complete without festive nails! I chose red painted hearts on the end of my stiletto-shaped nails. This is a detail that not everyone will notice, but I saw it online and couldn't resist doing it to my own nails! So far everyone who has seen it has loved it! What is everyone else planning to do/wear for Valentine's day?

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