Step into my office

My current closet has been a source of great pleasure and great anguish. I love the fact that it's compartmentalized, but for someone who is as into fashion as I am, it's definitely on the small side. I used to have one that was a lot bigger where I lived before. On the bright side, it does force me to be a bit more minimalist with my clothes inventory. It's basically at/near capacity 100% of the time, so whenever I buy new clothes, I make a deal with myself that if one thing comes in, I must choose something else already in my closet to donate or sell. It forces me to think through what I'm buying better and keeps the overflow down. Strangely enough, having too many clothes for your space is more likely to make you feel like you have nothing to wear.

Marc Jacobs once said that a woman's closet should consist of 70% foundation pieces (solids, classics) and 30% accents (trendy pieces, brights, statements). The problem is, most women have it the other way around, and this is why they either find it hard to get dressed in the morning, or hard to make any new ensembles with what they have. At some point, I plan to do a post on what I consider to be the essential foundation pieces. If you feel lately that you have nothing to wear, try organizing your closet. Go through every garment with a fine tooth comb and group like garments together. I GUARANTEE you will find at least 5 things that you forgot you had and wonder why you never wear them. 

Growing up, I was taught to value my clothes. Clothing balled on the floor, thrown in the bottom of the closet, or crammed into a drawer was not permitted. Though it was hard as a little girl to remember to always hang things up after taking them off, I think it was a good thing. I learned the value of taking care of things early on, as well as taking pride in wearing clothes that looked nice.  I think this is why I feel a need to keep my clothes so organized now. Everyone has their own threshold, and it's interesting to think that someone's closet could tell a story about their childhood. 


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