Striped Floral Dress

I realized something when I was adding the photos to this post: I am very, very pale. Like, my pale skin almost blinds you when you look at the pictures. I guess I need to do something about that. I love this dress. I tend to be attracted to pieces that are feminine, but not "girly," and it certainly meets the criteria. I bought the dress and the necklace and earring set at Mainstream Boutique in Holly Springs. Unfortunately, it's not available online, but you really should go to the store and check it out if you're local. I haven't ever gone there when I didn't leave with something I loved. Another thing I noticed is that I seem to be really into black and white this season. At least the flowers on the dress added some color to the look! You can't go wrong with the classics! I hope everyone has a great week!

Black & White Dresses

Inspired by my look:

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