The Art of Rodel Gonzalez

I've always loved Disney. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of watching Disney movies, and I must confess that I still regularly watch them! The animated classics never lose their ability to captivate, regardless of age. In that respect, it's true that you never really "grow out of Disney." My house is sprinkled with Disneyana. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered the artist, Rodel Gonzalez, who is famous for his fine art recreations of famous scenes from Disney's animated classics. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a whole hallway covered with these! But alas, they are quite expensive, so it must wait until I win the lottery. In the meantime, I can dream. Here are some of my favorites. All of the images are from the artist's website and can be found and purchased here.

"Dori and Marlan"
"Pan on Board"
"Tale as Old as Time"
"The Bear Necessities"
"In the Garden"
"The Wishing Star"
"Moonlit Castle"
"Mermaid Lagoon"
"Flight Over Agrabah"

"Out of the Sea"

"Forest Bridge"

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