DailyLook Elite Box Review

I recently signed up for the DailyLook Elite Subscription Box. It's almost exactly like Stitchfix. You get 6-8 items sent to you each month, and you can try them on and decide whether or not to buy them in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you like, you keep, and whatever you don't like, you send back in the box with the prepaid shipping label. The cost per month for the service is $20, but if you buy anything, the $20 acts as a credit toward your purchase. DailyLook was offering 3 months free, so I decided to try it.

I should be fair and say that I'm probably not the best candidate for these types of boxes. I understand the concept. You are exposed to clothing you might never try otherwise and also get the opportunity to try on items at home with other things you already have in your closet as opposed to trying things on in the store fitting room. However, I am VERY picky about my clothes. Since I enjoy putting my own outfits together so much, I have extremely high standards for these services. You have to give me something that not only do I like, but something I wouldn't have thought to wear myself. 

I tried Stitchfix for a few months a while ago, before I started the blog and I was unimpressed. I have a sneaking suspicion sometimes that companies like this function as a way to get rid of clothing that manufacturers can't sell through creative marketing and presentation. That being said, some people really love Stitch Fix and swear by it. There are plenty of positive reviews online. But, there are hardly reviews at all for the Daily Look box, hence one of my main reasons for reviewing. Let's get down to the box:

The packaging was decent and creative. But the first SNAFU was that DailyLook actually sent me TWO boxes with different items. I do not know why this happened. I can only hope that I don't get charged for any items, because when I did the "check out" on the site, only the items from one box showed up. DailyLook's website frequently has issues, so hopefully this one will not cost me anything. I apologize for the quality of the pictures in advance. I didn't have my camera with me, so I am using my iPhone. I am only reviewing one box, because I think you can learn everything you need to know from that. Now, on to the clothes:

This is actually the best item they sent and the only one I actually tried on. It's hard to see in the picture, but it's a sleeveless turtle neck dress. However, it's not sweater material. It's a cheaper, thinner material. It has a cheap flimsy liner inside that made it a nightmare to put on, and the armholes sag with too much space while the hip area was too tight. At $79.00, I was unimpressed. Victoria's Secret makes sleeveless turtleneck sweater dresses of a much higher quality that cost less.

I have a pet peeve about wrinkled, balled up clothes. I get it from my mom. I can't stand when I go to a store and buy an expensive garment, only for the salesperson to ball it up into a wad and stuff it into a tiny bag. When you get home, the item you shelled out top dollar for looks like it came from the second-hand store. This bell skirt might have been a cute piece, but it came balled up in a cellophane bag and stuffed in the box. The material is not wrinkle resistant so basically it already looks like crap. The price is $69.99. There's no way I'm going to pay that much money only to have to have it steamed before I can even wear it, when I can just go to the store and buy one that looks better with no wrinkles for less money.

This low-back red dress was actually pretty cute. It is one of DailyLook's top sellers. The material is heavy and nice. However, when I did the style survey signing up for the box, I specifically asked for no back-baring items. I mentioned that I worked in a very conservative law office, and furthermore, that I was only interested in being sent work appropriate clothes. If someone had actually paid attention to my style survey, I would not have been sent this item. This further increases my suspicion that they are just using a computer system to distribute clothing, and that real people have little to no involvement in your selections.

This skirt was just bad. It's got an extreme asymmetrical hemline, which I can appreciate from a fashion standpoint, but the material was tissue thin, and again, notice how the garment is balled up and wrinkled. Furthermore, the highest part of the hem hits at about 4 inches above the knee. Again, not appropriate for work, which is what I asked for. 

Here is an extreme case of how a wrinkled garment detracts from the value. This might have been an OK work blouse, but I would have to have it professionally steamed before I could actually wear it. For the price ($69.99) I expected much better.

This is a wrap dress. (I think.) Apart from being balled up and wrinkled, like everything else in the bag, it is also tissue-thin, and would not flatter anyone over a size 0. (which I definitely am not) Any dimples you may have will shine like headlights in this dress. If you can't tell even what a garment is due to the condition it arrives in, then you've got a major problem. And the kicker is that they are still charging $79.00 for this piece! I have gotten substantially better quality from China for under $10.00. 

Finally, this too, could have been a decent work shirt, but I. just. can. not. get. past. the. wrinkles. Really DailyLook? How can you expect anyone to pay outrageous prices for below-average quality garments when you don't even deliver them to the client in ready-to-wear condition?

So to recap: DailyLook: 1) Sent me two boxes instead of one; 2) Sent all of the garments in unwearable, wrinkled condition; and 3) Charged a premium for low-quality garments.

Needless to say, everything is going straight back. They are still offering the 3 months free, so if you're interested, you have nothing to lose but your time. For me, these garments were not worth the trouble it took to to re-package and haul them to USPS for return shipping. Has anyone else tried the DailyLook Elite Box and had a similar or different experience?

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  1. Love your post! Do you know if you wanted to keep any of the clothes, do you have to pay for it? I'm trying their 3 month free elite box thing and like you said, there aren't many reviews on it so I'm so glad you did one!