Night Watch Inductee

I do NOT do the cold. This morning the temperature was below freezing.

When the cold sets in, my style suffers. All I care about is staying warm. This is a "day off" from fashion for me.

Basically, I dress as if I were a recent inductee into the Night Watch from House Stark. It's my way of telling that world that I am intolerant of the cold and do not care that I look like a crow.

Fleece-lined leggings, eskimo boots, a shear-ling coat, and a thick sweater dress help prepare me to brave the 2/10 of a mile that I have to walk from my parking space into my office building.

And I still barely make it without freezing to death. 

Winter is coming people. Winter is coming. 

If you want to shop my warm outfit even though it's not very stylish:

Dress: Pattyboutik
Leggings: Amazon
Boots: Bearpaw
Coat: LL Bean (old)

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