Voting is in Style.

Being fashionable isn't always just about your outfit. It's just as important to behave fashionably. Today I am here to tell you that voting is extremely fashionable!

One of the saddest, most un-fashionable things to me is a person who constantly complains about their life circumstances but takes no steps to change them.

        Fellow North Carolinians, election day is November 4. Early voting has already started, and here are 7 reasons why I urge you to get out there and vote:

1) It's Free. It doesn't cost anything to vote, and there are tons of election workers who are working 12-16 hour days for barely any money to make the process as easy as possible for you. They are very friendly and they want you to vote! Plus, if you vote early, there is bound to be an early voting location that's more convenient for you than your official voting venue.

2) It's one of the few times that most people share a tangible connection to their government. Voting is one of the most intimate exchanges you will ever have with your country. I promise you will feel a deep sense of pride and fulfillment once you have voted.

See how fulfilled I look?
3) It's attractive. Taking the time to educate yourself about candidates running for office shows respect for yourself and other people in your community. Showing that you care about the public welfare in an informed and well-mannered way makes you extremely alluring and interesting to other people, even if they may disagree with your political affiliations. 

4) If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain about any action by a publicly-elected official. Period. By not voting, you are telling the public that you don't care who is in charge of its affairs. Therefore, you forfeit your privilege to complain later when you are not happy with how your government is being managed.

5) If you don't vote, you are helping the opposing party. By not voting, you are effectively contributing to the election efforts of the party whose platform goes against your own interests. Many elections, especially at the local level, are lost not because the candidate didn't have enough supporters, but because the candidate's supporters simply didn't vote. 

6) If few enough people vote, the gateway is opened for bad politicians. By not voting, you are contributing to the possibility of the infiltration of your government by radicals. Radical political groups tend to be the most incensed and passionate, and therefore have the highest percentage of voter turnout within their group. If most of your party doesn't vote, and all of them do, there is a real and dangerous possibility that they may be elected.

7) Your party needs you! Regardless of your political affiliation, your party needs your support! They can't help protect your interests if they don't get enough votes to win. Unlike in the presidential elections, at the state and local levels, one vote can have a surprisingly big influence on the turnout of the election.

   ***Now go out there and show some pride for your country!***

P.S. All the cool kids are doing it. 

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