Fruit with a Punch

I love taking "Casual Friday" to the next level. I believe that when done right,  jeans and a blazer can often look more sophisticated than a dress! I have been searching for this blazer for months. I refuse to wear tight uncomfortable fabrics that don't breath and stretch. This blazer is made out of terry cloth and feels like I'm wearing a t-shirt. 

Pairing basics with high fashion shoes and a statement necklace can put a "classic" outfit on trend.

I am definitely pear-shaped. These jeans are a pear-shaped woman's best friend! They work great for women difference who have a big difference in the size of their hips and waist. They also have just the right amount of give to be comfortable and just the right amount of "compression" to slim down your silhouette. 

As you have probably gathered, I LOVE statement necklaces! Because of the "strength of the statement", you can only wear them once in a while. Sometimes only a couple times in a season. I scored this bling pineapple necklace this summer. I know it's October, but I basically refused to retire it until next spring without wearing it one more time! 

Another basic piece that will take your wardrobe many miles is a good sleeveless cowl-neck sweater. They look good on almost everyone, and the cowl neck has a softening effect on the face. If you find a good one that's semi-loose fitting, it will take ten pounds off your frame.

Every woman needs at least one pair of statement shoes! If you don't have a pair, you need to seriously consider getting some! They can be found at all price points. There are no words for how confident you will feel walking around town in a pair of amazing shoes!

As you can see, these have taken me many miles, and I think I will still be wearing these in 20 years! They are almost 5 years old and have held up spectacularly! 

When I go all out with powerful shoes and a statement necklace, I like to keep the earrings toned down. Just my personal preference, but I think it brings balance to the overall look.  

Finally, it's hard to see in the other pictures, but a bold lip was the absolutely necessary finishing touch to the ensemble! I love MAC lipglass!

That's all I have folks! Hope your Friday is fabulous!

Jeans: HSN
Shoes: CARLOS by Carlos Santana (old)
Necklace: eBay
Earrings: The Limited
Lipgloss: MAC

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