Greetings all! This blog has been a long time coming! 

       Most people who know me know that I am a law student, but my TRUE passion is fashion: clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, you name it! I also have a passion for comfort! I I started this blog because I thought it would be a whole lot of fun and I also hope to inspire others by showing you ways you can be "dressed up" and still be comfortable at the same time! I truly believe that what you wear is important. It is your chance to tell the world something about yourself without speaking. That being said, how you choose to be perceived by the world is entirely up to you! We don't all have the same style. That's what makes the world interesting! 

          You may love some of the things I wear, and you may hate other things. You are entitled to your own opinion! I hope you will love at least some things and maybe be inspired to incorporate them into your own wardrobe with your own twist! I welcome and would love to hear your comments! That being said, I want this blog to be a "shame-free" blog.  This means no fat-shaming, no skinny-shaming, no racially-offensive, gender-offensive, or sexual orientation-offensive comments please. Save those for Facebook! :-P
Just kidding, but seriously... let's just have fun! I hope to have my first outfit post up soon! Stay tuned people of the internet....

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